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Nice compromise

Wasn't sure which finish in the desk to buy for my wife, decided it was easier to buy her gift cards and let her choose.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Jennifer Gilmartintodd

Fast delivery beautiful wood :)

Harmoni Standing Desk
Simon Mendes da Costa
Sturdy, excellent quality and quite beautiful

That says it all!

Exactly what I've been looking for

The Harmoni standing desk is the perfect tool for my office to keep me more active throughout the day. The multiple, adjustable slots make it easy to customize for different people and activities. Even when sitting, getting to raise my laptop to eye level has eliminated my neck pain, and make me look better in virtual meetings (no more staring up my nose!). Plus, it takes up minimal space when when not in use. 30 days in, and I would heartily recommend the Harmoni standing desk to anyone curious, you'll love it!

Great product

It’s a good size, easy to put together and disassemble. Shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. I would recommend this product.

Great versatile desk

I really like the versatility of the Harmoni Desk. The fact I can adjust the shelves to my desired height and the amount of options. Only thing I would suggest is the option of having the bag be part of the set because this is very important.

Harmony standing desk

After 1 month od usage , I can say that is one of the bust buy I'd ever done! Super stable, I'm using the monitor on the top-shelf, fantastic design and super easy to assemble. More than happy about this beautiful purchase😊

Harmoni Standing Desk
Nuria Rosique Esteban

Simply great!

Harmoni Standing Desk
Esther Boateng
Harmoni Desk

Good quality wood. And easy to assemble.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Andreas Cohen
Game Changer for standing desks

The Harmoni Standing Desk is a fab solution for my working needs. It’s simple, but sturdy and transportable qualities is improving my posture and productivity

Harmoni Standing Desk
Rochelle Sneddon
Standing tall

Great deal. Everything I expected. Works perfectly.

Excellent desk

Stylish and functional.

Very useful

Very useful and very beautifully made, since it arrived, I always use it to alternate moments of sitting and standing work, so my body thanks because it moves more even when I am in call for work!

Stay in place

Love the cork desk mat. I like to set up the Harmoni in different locations and this reassures me that it will stay in place and not move no matter the surface. It's beautiful, functional and pairs nicely with the Harmoni desk.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Tomasz Grykias
Finally coding posture fixed!

Simple, aesthetic and standing when coding feels so much better than sitting!

Harmoni® Stehtisch
Andreea Dräger
Schöner Steh-Tisch

Würde ihn aber eher in Eiche bestellen, diese Standard Birke ist gar nicht mein Geschmack.

Ansonsten Top. Ist wirklich toll dran zu arbeiten <3

Perfect for my needs as a designer

Sturdy, well constructed and so beautiful. Package arrived a day after I ordered it. Much appreciation!

Harmoni Cork Desk Mat
Ellie McGuire
Lovely mat, looks great

Classic, simple cork mat that does its job and works well.

Comfortable, flexible.

I have a Harmoni desk and the balancing board. Not only do these improve my working posture, the board improves core strength and balance while I work! Moving the set up to different work spaces is very easy and quick. Beautifully made
both the desk and board look well in any room.

Harmoni Standing Desk
Ellie McGuire
Perfect standing desk!

I love how easy this is to adjust mid meeting, if necessary, and how nice it looks in my office. Perfect!

Great gift!

Perfect for someone who has a new job WFH but doesn't need or want a full standing desk.

Too sit or stand, that is the question

With Harmoni Desk, I don’t desire to sit anymore…

Harmoni Standing Desk
Lydia De santisteban

Harmoni Standing Desk

Harmoni Standing Desk

Harmoni Cork Desk Mat
Bonnie Chojnacki
Perfect with the standing desk

The Cork Desk mat is a perfect non slip surface Review Medals